Tips for Choosing the Right Size Art

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Art

Posted by Admin on Feb 26th 2021

Choosing the right size art in any space can easily become overwhelming! Here are a few tips to ensure that your art will complement and fill the space the best.

Make sure your artwork fills between 1/2 to 2/3 of the space given.

You can definitely go larger, but going smaller upsets the scale and proportion of the space. This same concept can go with anything you are hanging on your wall, whether that be a TV, a mirror, or even a clock.

Hang art so that its center is at approximately eye-level.

Hanging art at about eye level, or about 60" from the ground, makes it more visually pleasing to the eye. If the art is too low or too high, it will just look like it is floating in the space.