How to Accent Your Home with the Color Black

Posted by Admin on May 17th 2021

Black is an accent color that is truly making a statement this year. We have seen the color black used in every room in the home. When it is done correctly, it is a great way to add contrast without it being too gloomy. We have a few simple tips to add in the color black into your home correctly!

1. Black Hardware

Picking hardware for you kitchen cabinets seems like it would be such an easy and simple decision, but it can become extremely overwhelming quickly! A safe and class choice is to add black hardware onto your cabinets. Black hardware provides a great contrast, a modern feel, and a timeless look. We recommend using black hardware on kitchen cabinets that are either white, grey, or a lighter-toned color. 

2. Black Accent Wall

A black accent wall is a great way to provide a statement look, without it feeling overdone. In the South Jordan Parade of Home we did, there was a black accent wall in the office and it looked absolutely stunning! In fact, it was one of our all-time favorite rooms in any parade of homes house we have done. When choosing a black accent wall, it looks best when you balance it out with wood-toned furniture and brighter accents. To ensure that it does not over power your room, choose a smaller sized wall. 

3. Start Small

Don't feel bold enough to decorate with a black accent wall yet, that is totally understandable! You can start small by incorporating black pieces of decor and accessories to see if you even like the overall vibe that it gives your home. If you like how it looks and feels, you can slowly begin to transition your space by adding in black furniture here and there. A good place to start would be with your barstools, accent chairs, accent cabinets, or any other smaller pieces of furniture.