A Quick Breakdown of the Different Interior Design Styles

A Quick Breakdown of the Different Interior Design Styles

Posted by Admin on Feb 19th 2021

Farmhouse, traditional, modern, contemporary... what does all this mean exactly? When someone asks you your overall home style, most people don't know what category they fall in. Sometimes, your style may fall into multiple categories--which is totally okay! We are going to do a simple breakdown of the different home design styles to help ease your mind.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern design is greatly inspired by homes from the 1930s-1960s. Generally, the furniture has skinny features (legs on chairs, width of furniture) organic shapes, and brighter colors. This style is one of the easiest to identify because of its uniqueness and simplicity.


Scandinavian design also focuses on simplicity and minimalism. Scandinavian interior design is bright and airy because there is a lot of white accents involved--white paint, white curtains, lighter floors, white furniture, etc. It also pulls a more modern touch with its clean lines and neutral colors. Many Scandinavian-inspired homes also have lots of greenery with both faux and real plants!


Bohemian interior design is definitely the most "care-free" style out of them all. It began during the 19th century in Paris, France inspired by the arts. Bohemian interior design has lots of texture, colors, and patterns which allows the person to be creative with their home. Along with the Scandinavian design, Bohemian design also thrives off of plants and greenery of all sorts.


Contemporary style incorporates a variety of different styles. It was developed in the latter half of the 20th century. It focuses on rounded, softer lines as opposed to harsh, straight lines. It offers many neutral tones, with subtle pops of bolder colors. Texture is a critical component of contemporary style. The main difference between modern and contemporary interior design is that modern is inspired by a specific time period while contemporary is ever-changing.


Farmhouse was ALL THE RAVE when The Furniture Lady opened their doors. Farmhouse style focuses on comfort and practicality of family homes. It uses lots of wood elements, incorporating old and new pieces. Rustic pieces are also a huge part of Farmhouse interior design.

Modern Farmhouse

In the most recent years, Farmhouse has started to transition into what is now called Modern Farmhouse. We can all thank Joanna Gaines for that one! Modern farmhouse is very popular right now. It focuses on bright walls, lighter toned wood floors, with black and white accents throughout. Modern Farmhouse takes the comfortable and relaxed theme of traditional farmhouse and adds in hints of modern with sleek lines.


Traditional interior design is inspired mainly by the 18th and 19th centuries. It can encompass anything from French Country to English Victorian. Traditional interior design is truly timeless. It incorporates elements of dark/warm tones, classic art, elegant lighting, and classic patterns and textures. When you think elegance, you think of the traditional interior design.


When referring to modern interior design, it is a fairly broad term. This is because there are many different variations of modern interior design--modern farmhouse, modern contemporary, etc... In summary, modern interior design typically refers to décor, accessories, and furniture that are clean with simple lines, basic and neutral color scheme, and include many different textures such as glass, metal, and steel. Modern interior design is "fuss-free" meaning it is more basic and functional.