3 Ways to Add Texture Into Your Home

3 Ways to Add Texture Into Your Home

Posted by Admin on Jan 22nd 2021

When choosing furniture and décor for your home, finding items with different textures can make your space instantly more visually pleasing. The texture of an item refers to the outside look and feel of it. For example, some items can have a smooth, silky, bumpy, rough, woven etc.. texture.


Adding a few baskets into your home can provide a texture that stands out. We love adding baskets underneath entryway tables, near fireplaces, in the main living area, and in the corner of bedrooms. The great part about decorating with baskets is that not only is it an inexpensive way to change up the look of the space, but there are endless different styles, colors, and shapes.


Faux plants are another easy and effective way to add different versions of texture into your home. The great thing about using plants to incorporate texture is that many plants have their own specific and unique textures! Faux plants are a great way to go about this because they don't require maintenance, besides the occasional dusting.


Rugs are another great way to "tie a room together". Adding an area rug to a space that has a contrasting texture can make a room feel cozier and put together. Rugs such as shag and bohemian style rugs generally have lots of texture that are plusher and one of a kind.