2021 Interior Design Trends

2021 Interior Design Trends

Posted by Admin on Jan 29th 2021

Trying to stay in the loop with the most current interior design trends can be hard! Trends, color patterns, and styles are constantly changing and transforming yearly. When The Furniture Lady first started, Farmhouse Style was all the rave. Now, we are noticing more and more of our customers and clients are slowly beginning the transition to more of a modern home. Here are a few interior design trends that we predict will begin to blow up this upcoming year:

Accent Walls

Having an accent wall in your home can instantly make it feel more custom and one of a kind. Adding an accent wall into your home is a great way to amp up your builder-grade walls. We predict that accent walls are going to make a statement this year.


We are seeing the color green in everything, but especially with kitchen cabinets. The color green is a great statement color to add into your home because it provides a pop of color, while still being neutral. An easy way to incorporate green into your home if you are not ready to commit to green cabinets, is to add in an accent wall (which can easily be done with peel and stick wallpaper) or to add in pops of color with your furniture and accessories. 

Home Offices

With millions of Americans now permanently working from home, we are predicting that the home office space will be more of a focal point in the household for many Americans. Before the pandemic, many Americans neglected their home office. This was a room that was used for storage, to pay the bills, and do the occasional office work. Now, home offices are going to make their comeback. By adding in functional bookshelves, a simple and neat desk, and a comfortable chair, your office will soon be good to go!

Minimalistic Bedrooms

The bedroom is truly a sanctuary for everyone. It is a place you can go to unwind and relax from a long workday. Having a master bedroom that is bright, airy, and clutter-free is going to be more and more popular this upcoming year.